5 Best Apps For Couples

To be a happy couple, both you and your significant other not only need to be honest and spend time together but also should develop a realistic view of committed relationships.

And with the never-ending development of technology, you can easily make your relationship with your loved one more interesting and romantic over time.

Here are 5 best apps for couples that can spice up your love life.

1. Avocado

Avocado is a private social network that lets you and your partner interact virtually. On Avocado, you can write messages or create reminders and events. You can even doodle over your photos and send virtual hugs and kisses as well. You two can archive relationship milestones and share content on Twitter as a couple. This app is available for $ 1.99 and a pair only has to pay for a single app download.

2. BetterHalf

BetterHalf is a date planning app for couples, making planning a date easier. This app is intended for pairs who both have iPhones. You can search for movies and restaurants near you. Within BetterHalf app, you can look at restaurants and read reviews to pick one that best suits the date you are trying to plan. You can easily buy tickets right from the app, send date invites to your partner as well as add the plans to each other’s calendars.

3. Couple

Apart from Avocado and BetterHalf, Couple is another communications app for pairs. The app offers a slew of features ranging from practical to cutesy to keep you and your significant other in sync. It allows you to save all the precious little moments between the two of you whether it is a dinner date or an i-miss-you moment. Especially, there is a unique feature called ThumbKiss, which enables you to “kiss” your loved one in real-time when you both press your thumbs against the screen simultaneously. This may be the most interesting feature of the Couple app.

4. Tokii

Tokii lets you share how you are feeling with your significant other throughout the day with more than 100 different emotions and states. What’s more, there are hundreds of innovative games you can play together. When you play the games and answer the questions, the two of you will find yourself sharing values, desires and fantasies with ease and even humor.

5. Between

Between, which was launched in South Korea last year, has already been downloaded 1 million times. This free app already supports 13 languages, namely Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and German. Between is a beautiful space where you can share photos, texts and voice messages with your partner. You can also archive important milestones, future dates and memos.

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Silwood Technology Announces Partnership with Semanta, a Leader in the Emerging Market for Web Based Business Intelligence and Data Portals

Ascot, Berkshire, UK (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Semanta (http://www.semantacorp.com) allows users to have a single access point for all reports from one place and provides a glossary which enables content to be more easily understood. It includes communication and collaboration features to allow users to share and make more use of the data across teams and departments.

Analyst can more easily understand concepts behind business requirements, find and publish data for new reports. Information Stewards use Semanta Encyclopaedia to more easily organise and share information catalogues as well as govern information and manage demand.

Silwood’s product, Safyr® will ensure that it is possible to quickly and easily incorporate SAP, Salesforce and Oracle systems within the Data Dictionary and Business Glossary sections of the Semanta Encyclopaedia.

Safyr’s unique discovery architecture means that it can provide metadata to Semanta Encyclopaedia from the source applications as implemented including customisations to the application data structures.

Graham Simpson, Silwood Technology Managing Director said: “Semanta are one of a new breed of exciting innovators in the broad area of Information and Data Management and we are very pleased to have the opportunity of working with them on this collaboration. We believe that Semanta’s solution will fulfil the promise of universal access to reports and information across the enterprise.”

Tomáš Bárta, Semanta Managing Director notes: “We believe that any information in a company should be searchable, understandable and accessible from a single point. So far Semanta has been focused mostly in the area of Business Intelligence. Integration with Safyr will help us to significantly extend our ability to map, organise, manage and share the world of company information. We see huge value for our customers in helping them to unlock the deep islands of data objects from enterprise systems like SAP or Salesforce.”

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To learn more about Semanta please visit http://www.semantacorp.com.

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Silwood Technology is the leading supplier of tools & services that enable enterprise architects and data modelers to explore, discover and visualize the data structures and relationships of large Enterprise Application Packages such as SAP, SAP BW, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and Oracle E-business Suite.

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Long Beach City Auditor Introduces Mobile App for Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Taxpayers Money

Long Beach, California (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

The Office of the Long Beach City Auditor (California) has launched the My Auditor mobile app to allow citizens and City staff to report incidents of fraud, waste and abuse. The application is part of the overall strategy of the City Auditor’s Office to ensure the transparency and accountability of government in the delivery of services to the citizens of Long Beach.

My Auditor’s central feature is a fraud-reporting tool, enabling citizens and city officials to send in reports to the City Auditor’s Office either anonymously or with follow-up contact information. The reports can also include a picture and optional address or GPS coordinates to help pinpoint where the fraud is taking place. Officials from the City Auditor’s Office then handle the incoming requests and investigate the information provided.

Not all fraud incidents reported to the City Auditor’s Fraud Hotline are against the City of Long Beach, so the mobile application also helps citizens to understand if the fraud is against the city, county, state or federal government, and even directs them to the correct government agency. News, press releases and the latest financial and performance audit reports are also included in the application, providing the full cycle of feedback to citizens in the audit and investigation process.

Finally, a push notification service is integrated into the application, allowing the City Auditor’s Office to push out information if an active fraud scheme is taking place in the City and to allow citizens to stay connected with the City Auditor’s Office.

“With the release of these mobile applications we are seeking to facilitate the rapid reporting of incidents of fraud, waste and abuse against the City, which will limit the City’s exposure to one of the most costly forms of crime,” said Laura Doud, the City Auditor. “By streamlining the reporting process, while preserving anonymity, we hope to continue to keep the impact of fraud at bay in the City of Long Beach.”

Purple Forge, is the service provider behind the My Auditor mobile application, and is the leading provider of mobile apps to governments at all levels in North America. Supporting public facing government services of all types, including 511/Road Conditions, 311/Problem Reporting, Elections, Parks and Recreation and Pet Adoption, Purple Forge continues to lead the way in the delivery of both single and multi-departmental mobile applications for governments.

“The My Auditor mobile application will not only help to increase citizen access to fraud reporting, but will also help the City Auditor’s Office to manage their costs by moving fraud reporting from calls to simple screen taps,” stated John Craig, VP Sales and Marketing of Purple Forge. “We are glad to be part of their continuing digital strategy to engage citizens on the latest mobile devices.”

About Purple Forge

Purple Forge (http://www.purpleforge.com) sells subscription based services to organizations looking to engage their stakeholders using the latest mobile application technology and leveraging community engagement and social networking best practices. Purple Forge is an award-winning firm led by seasoned mobile communications and Internet technology veterans. Our mobile applications allow organizations to broadcast, share, and receive feedback from their target audience real-time, allowing them to foster long-term, engaged relationships.

Contact: John Craig, john(dot)craig(at)purpleforge(dot)com

About the Long Beach City Auditor

For more than 100 years, Long Beach residents have elected a City Auditor (http://www.cityauditorlauradoud.com) to act as an independent watchdog ensuring that City government is transparent and accountable, and public funds are being spent effectively, correctly and responsibly. City Auditor Laura Doud, CPA, was first elected in 2006 and re-elected in 2010 and 2014. The Long Beach City Charter authorizes the City Auditor as the general auditor of the City and of every department, commission and office thereof. The City Auditor is charged with performing these core services: conduct financial and performance audits, review and sign all city disbursements, administer all city employee wage garnishments, and investigate complaints of fraud, waste and abuse against the City reported through the City Auditor’s Fraud Hotline. The City Auditor’s Office recently released a technology best practices report that discusses local government’s growing adoption of mobile technologies and other digital services to enhance government services and citizen collaboration. This report can be found at: http://www.cityauditorlauradoud.com/common/docs/Digital%20&%20E-Gov%20Report%20Final%2020150318.pdf

Contact: James Lam, james(dot)lam(at)longbeach(dot)gov