& Release How-To Guide on Converting Internet Leads Into Commissions

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) June 18, 2013 and, owned and operated by eRealEstate Holdings LLC, has released a 10-rule guide for real estate agents to help them turn internet leads to into sales. After reviewing numerous studies and best practices, and found that when these rules were followed, the lead to conversion ratio was significantly higher. Recent research shows that the 10 rules depicted in the infographic consistently improve an agent’s ability to move the conversation with a web lead to a prospective client, and eventually to a customer.

With the high competition that exists among real estate agents, being well prepared to create a relationship with potential clientele can make all the difference. This starts with calling versus emailing the contact. This is the No. 1 rule in the list. The second rule, and perhaps the most critical to converting leads, is to call within 5 minutes of receipt. In fact, the odds of contacting a lead increase by 100% when an agent calls within 5 minutes of being contacted versus waiting 30 minutes, according to’s Research Division. In its 2013 report, the company reveals that if a lead is contacted within 5 minutes, they are 5 times more likely to get qualified compared to just waiting 10 minutes. Waiting to call more than an hour after receipt of the lead inquiry, is 50 times less likely to be qualified. As shown by the extensive research done by the and team, rule

No. 2 is essential for converting leads efficiently. and have found that more often than not the lead is still viewing properties online (either on one of their portals or on the agent’s website) within those crucial 5 minutes. These contacts want answers quickly. Whether they are ready to do business right away or are “just looking” is irrelevant. Reaching out to them immediately to secure some basic information and capture them as a client right off the bat is what’s most important. If they do not answer the phone, it is critical to leave a voicemail with complete contact information and request a callback. A follow-up email right after leaving the voicemail is also highly recommended. Agents associated with the online portals attest to the success of capturing the lead by following the first 2 rules on the list, and have noted the opposite when they failed to abide by Rule No. 1 or 2.

Rule No. 5 is another often overlooked tactic. Being persistent means attempting to reach real estate eleads a minimum of 6 times. For example, the agent would call every other day during the first week, then once a week for the remaining initial 30 days or so. According to Leads360, agents have only a 39% chance of making contact with the first call. But that number jumps to a 93% chance after the 6th contact attempt, so it is clearly worth it to follow up. See the Executive Summary of this study here:

Incubating leads, as mentioned in Rule No. 7, ties in with being persistent. Understanding that many buyers or sellers may not be ready to commit to an agent’s contact right away is important. However that is no reason to give up. “Incubating”, or keeping the lead warm, means to reach out to them every so often, send them market information perhaps, answer their questions, etc. Successful real estate agents use the incubation process to keep track of their leads and nurture relationships over time. Once the client is ready to buy or sell, they will almost always contact the agent with whom they’ve built a relationship with, and feel they can trust. “People need a sense of comfort from an agent, whether they are looking to buy a house, sell a condo or rent a townhouse for example,” said eRealEstate Holdings Chief Revenue Office Jody Desnoyers. “What we’re seeing is that real estate agents who build trust over time have incubated those leads. These are people who just were not ready to do business at the time of their initial contact.” Incubating leads can be difficult when an agent is juggling many ‘ready to buy’ (or sell) clients who need immediate attention; however, those who are able to incubate their ‘not so hot’ leads, are the ones who are truly successful.

Real estate agents should have leads generated on the web coming in every day, whether it’s from their websites, or from one of eRealEstate’s leading web portals – or In order to make those contacts count, the 10 Rules shared by eRealEstate are extremely important to follow in order to convert eLeads into sales commissions.

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About eRealEstate Holdings LLC

eRealEstate Holdings LLC owns and / or operates the category-defining portals,, and These real estate portals are the world’s largest online marketplaces for real estate with more than 30 million properties for sale, rent and vacation in the United States and 70-plus countries around the world. The site receives more than 1.5 million visitors per month, and cost-effectively delivers exposure and qualified leads to builders, real estate professionals and homeowners. The privately held eRealEstate Holdings LLC is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

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How To Choose The Right Pdf Ebook Reader

If you are thinking of buying a PDF eBook reader, then there are many choices you will have to make. On the outside, they may all look somewhat alike, but much like a cell phone, there are all kinds of features that you can choose from, so spending the time upfront to research them is well worth your while.

A PDF eBook reader is somewhat different from a traditional eBook reader because it has the added advantage of being able to read PDF files. Although this may not seem that important to you, you should keep in mind that a lot of classic books are available only as PDF files. Since they are out of print and out of copyright, no one has taken the time to properly convert them to eBook format, so PDF is the only format they are available in.

Other than that, a PDF eBook reader is exactly the same as some of the brand name readers that you will find, and it is up to you to find one that has all the features you want at a price that you can afford. The most important feature for most people is the screen itself. You will want a screen that is big enough for you to read, yet not so big that you don’t want to take it anywhere.

Most eBook readers will allow you to easily change the size of the font, so you can read it from any distance, and if you wear glasses, this is a huge advantage over traditional books. These devices are able to hold up to hundreds of books all at the same time, any of which you can start or continue reading whenever you want. There is no need to finish one book before you start the next and you can keep your books on your reader forever.

About the Author

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Guardian Services Announces Partnership with Alkion to Provide Advanced HVAC System Cleaning Services

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

Today Guardian announced its new partnership with Alkion Service of the Czech Republic to deliver high tech HVAC duct and system cleaning services to US facilities nationwide.

“The Dry Ice Blasting technology Alkion has developed for cleaning HVAC ducts is efficient, effective, and years ahead of the competition” said Brett Muller, CEO at Guardian.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from deploying Alkion’s Dry Ice Blasting technology in Europe. Toyota-Denso recently committed to deploying Dry Ice Blasting in HVAC Cleaning for exhaust ducts in its facility. Dry Ice Blasting in HVAC Cleaning will enable Toyota-Denso to improve fire safety and reduce downtime for HVAC maintenance significantly.

“We are very satisfied Alkion and their services. The innovation used for cleaning our exhaust ducts decreased the downtime significantly and the quality of the cleaning is superb. I am also very surprised by your flexibility and work productivity.” Frank Wawra, Toyota-Denso, Dresden, Germany

Dry Ice Blasting in HVAC Cleaning Availability

Dry Ice Blasting in HVAC Cleaning is driven by a trained technician team and is part of Guardian-Alkion’s commitment to deliver the latest technology in its service delivery. More information about Dry Ice Blasting in HVAC Cleaning is available on their website at

Founded in 1945, Guardian Services is a leader in HVAC system cleaning and restoration. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to protect life and property by providing exceptional cleaning and maintenance services for our client’s critical systems.

Guardian Services and Alkion Service are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the United States and/or other countries.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information on Alkion Service:

(650) 249-6231

For more information on Guardian Services:

(877) 774-1465

Info On Latest Remote Controlled Golf Trolleys

From past few years technological development on huge scale has been observed in the features ofremote control golf trolleys. Such trolleys have become an essential part of the presently played golf. Some of the ultra modern features of today’s remote control golf trolleys are as follow:

The latest models of remote control golf trolleys offer a remarkable golfing experience, these trolleys are user friendly, light weight and practically designed to cover almost all types of needs and demands of the golfers. Something unique about these trolleys is the useful remote control which offers two different modes. Modes can be changed or can be controlled with a switch.  

First mode is the one by which trolley can be controlled with a remote handset; the operator of remote control handset can make the trolley move from one place to another by selecting the directions according to the need or will. Handset also features the option by which speed of the remote controlled golf trolley can be adjusted. In this mode trolley stops automatically if any button from the keypad is not pressed till 25 seconds which is a great safety feature.

The second mode is the manual mode which is as amazing as the first mode. Manual mode of theremote controlled golf trolley offers a control panel which enables the golfer to control the speed of the trolley. Most of the trolleys have control panel on their handles and handles can be easily operated by left and right handed golfers. Some of the trolleys also offer a speed control knob by which speed of the trolley can decreased or increased.

Other than mentioned two modes, most of the latest remote controlled golf trolleys also feature a three set distance control mode by which a trolley only covers three distances in meters and after covering the three distances trolley automatically stops. Moreover remote control golf trolleys also feature the silent motors due to which you can enjoy your game without noisy surroundings. Therefore if you are planning to buy one then do not hesitate as it gives a real value to your money especially in terms of quality and service.


Know more details about Remote Controlled Golf Trolleys online from Spitzer Products, SPITZER R4 Remote Controlled Golf Trolley, SPITZER L1 Lightweight (LiON) Remote golf cart etc

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