R. Zarwulugbo Liberty pens book about Christian leadership

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

Having noted how “most churches are focusing on secular leadership styles and principles today,”R. Zarwulugbo Liberty presents, in “A GODLY LEADER ON TRIAL: A Fresh Look at Nehemiah” (published by Xlibris), his extensive arguments against such perspectives. He points out how there is no need to imitate any man-made leadership styles and principles in the church, because the Bible has the best leadership style and principles for the church and for humanity.

An excerpt from the book reads:

A Godly leader’s comfort is not in his achievements or benefits; while the leader appreciates his blessings, his primary concern is meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others (p. 41).

“A GODLY LEADER ON TRIAL: A Fresh Look at Nehemiah” takes a paradigm shift to godly leadership as exemplified by Nehemiah, who loved God, his word, people and walked faithfully with God accordingly to his word. It shows how Nehemiah used God’s word as the constitution for the people of God and proposes that the Bible is the constitution for the people of God in this life. It asserts how a godly leader should teach and apply the word of God to his own life and to the lives of God’s people and, as a constitution for the people of God, it should be used in peacemaking among God’s people.

“A Godly leader must lead with the Bible as the constitution for the people of God in this life,” says Liberty. His book expresses this idea with his proposal for how a godly leader must lead through biblical guidance in the hopes of enabling godly leaders to go back to the biblical roots of leadership.

“A GODLY LEADER ON TRIAL: A Fresh Look at Nehemiah”

By R. Zarwulugbo Liberty

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 254 pages | ISBN 9781499062168

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 254 pages | ISBN 9781499062175

E-Book | 254 pages | ISBN 9781499062151

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

R. Zarwulugbo Liberty (B.Th., Liberia Baptist Seminary; M.Div., D. Min., Knox Theological Seminary) is president and founding church planter of an African independent church denomination, Church of the Believers, Inc., in Liberia, West Africa and the Africa International Christian Mission, Inc., with headquarters in Boynton Beach, Fla. Prior to his coming to serve as a missionary in the United States, he, along with his wife, Esther, planted 19 churches in Liberia, established the Liberty Theological Seminary, the Fellowship of Christian Churches of Africa and a Christian high school.

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NSIS Systems Reviews Microsofts Office 2013 Preview Release

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 23 July 2012

Microsoft’s Office suite is used by more than a billion people and run on around 90 per cent of the world’s business computers. The office product is the single largest revenue stream for Microsoft and accounts for around $ 15billion a year. NSIS Systems expects the new preview version not to launch until next year.

The official unveiling event in San Francisco by Steve Ballmer claimed the software was “a new generation that brings some of the same boldness and beauty that we’ve shown you in Windows 8 and Windows Phone”. He also stated “This is the most ambitious release of Microsoft office that we’ve ever done”, and emphasised the target market for the office 2013 suite is students, busy families and consumers.

The Office 2013 suite will include the following applications Word, Outlook, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. NSIS Systems has seen updates and improvement to the Office and Windows 8 operating systems user interface (UI) to incorporate a touch interface to service users who have smartphones and tablets. More than half of all users now have at least three devices and 60 per cent say they use the same devices for work and personal applications, Microsoft claimed.

OneNote has been comprehensively redesigned and the bulk of the applications have been polished to improve their overall functionality so they work better on tablets and PCs. The updated OneNote integrates better with tablet functions such as touch and handwriting recognition. NSIS Systems likes the new ‘radial menu’ as this is easier to change font size and characteristics using fingers rather than a mouse and keyboard.

A new function of Microsoft Word 2013 is it can now edit PDF files as well as save directly in the Adobe format. Word 2013 now has the ability to embed YouTube clips more easily. Users are encouraged to connect all their devices to the internet so documents can be reopened at the same point from the last save on any of them. NSIS Systems likes the ‘reading mode’ which encourages tablet users to read more on their devices.

All the applications now integrate with Microsoft’s cloud storage system namely SkyDrive, this offers an up-to-date and easy access documents.

Microsoft Outlook has been face lifted to so a preview of the calendar or contact details. This can be layered on top of the main mail window. NSIS Systems see these features as very beneficial as it will allow users to keep Outlook as their entire main screen on computers. A cool new add-on application can also automatically scans emails for addresses and show locations, and or look for suggested meeting times and generate appointments.

PowerPoint now has an enhanced presentation mode. This will allow users to project their documents onto a screen while simultaneously viewing their notes and slides on a tablet or PC.

NSIS Systems has seen more social networking elements added to the suite aimed at businesses, allowing users to “follow” colleagues, documents and tasks. Microsoft recently purchased business social network Yammer for $ 1.2billion and integrate with other purchases like Skype. Collaboration has been augmented with new video conferencing and live collaborative document editing tools.

Microsoft Windows 8 is expected to launch in October and will be reviewed by NSIS Systems closer to the time.

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Freedom Magazine Publishes Article On ADD/ADHD Controversy

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

If not for its consequences, ADHD screening might seem funny, as there’s hardly a child alive who would fail to register on an ADD or ADHD assessment scale.

After working with journalist Ray Richmond on the October 2014 Freedom Magazine feature ‘The Attention-Deficit Fraud,’ editor Jennifer Johnson was curious just how easy it is for a kid to get an ADD/ADHD diagnosis.

A mom herself, Johnson knows the parental M.O., the first place parents turn with concerns about their kids: the Internet. So she Googled “Does my kid have ADHD” and completed an assessment based on DSM-V criteria and other screening measures for ADD/ADHD.

I figured my 12-year-old daughter an excellent ‘test subject,’ she writes as never has there been a child so NOT afflicted with ADD or ADHD. The kid can focus. She reads 900-page books over a long weekend, is teaching herself Japanese—you get the idea.

Yet, based on her answers, Johnson’s daughter registered in the high range of Moderate ADHD on the test scale, well above the threshold indicating her child should see a mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.    

This exercise confirms the view of Dr. Allen Frances, professor emeritus of psychiatry at Duke University, who was interviewed for the Freedom story. We’ve taken normal development and turned it into a mental disorder, Francis said. The drug companies are getting wealthy on the backs of millions of vulnerable kids who have no business being diagnosed with anything. It’s pure greed. They’re conducting an uncontrolled experiment without informed consent on a vast army of kids who have no clue what these powerful medicines are doing to their young brain.

The Freedom feature also includes the poignant, personal account of another parent who medicated his son to regulate the child’s behavior, with frightening results, in I Won’t Take Them.

It also reveals:

    There have been 44 warnings from eight countries that ADHD drugs cause harmful side effects.
    25 studies from five countries have reported on harmful side effects of ADHD drugs.
    Sales of stimulant medication for ADHD were nearly $ 10 billion in 2012, more than five times the $ 1.7 billion a decade earlier.

Long neglected by the media, the article states, many journalists today question whether ‘attention deficit’ is anything more than a spurious label concocted by the psychiatric industry as an underhanded and imminently dangerous marketing tactic.

Also in the October issue of Freedom.

‘Created Equal,’ an exclusive report on a new racial crusade taking root in Ferguson, Missouri, galvanized by Michael Brown’s tragic death.

Interview with Marian Wright Edelman, president and founder of the Children’s Defense Fund.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dan Luzzader on the racial and exclusionist attitudes that cast shadows on the coverage at Vanity Fair.

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Freedom magazine is committed to accurate and accountable reporting. Freedom is the voice of The Church of Scientology, and reflects its stance that responsible journalism and the free flow of information are the lifeblood of all great societies.

Published since 1968 and recently re-launched as a monthly print periodical, Freedom addresses issues, not politics. It seeks out and illuminates solutions to society’s problems. Freedom proudly serves as a media watchdog, protecting the exchange of free ideas on which democracy relies. Freedom further spotlights the Church of Scientology’s human rights, social betterment and volunteer works, thereby advancing its purpose of safeguarding and promoting the rights of all.

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