Kdan Mobile Announces Release of NoteLedge

(PRWEB) December 07, 2011

Kdan Mobile has released NoteLedge, a mobile note-taking application for iPad that combines handwriting, typing, drawing and audio and video recording all in one package. Built around the theme of a classic leather bound journal, NoteLedge gives its users a multitude of ways to take notes, create a travel diary, or just write up day-to-day events.

NoteLedge comes loaded with features that give users lots of options, both creative and functional, at the touch of a finger. The patented “Navigator” gadget provides users with the ability to copy and crop selected content from the notes, including texts, photos or their own drawings, then paste it anywhere within the active area. The Navigator also gives users a quick way to add a vast collection of icons into their notes. NoteLedge comes with a library of ready to use icons, and users can build their own personal library of icons via the Navigator.

NoteLedge offers a way for travelers to create their journal diary “This is what mobile life is all about: you have a device that gives you the flexibility to be connected, but we want you to have the ability to preserve your precious memories to share. That’s been our company’s focus and we are now empowering users to do it with our app,” says Kenny Su, CEO of Kdan Mobile.

Being a fully multimedia tool, NoteLedge lets users record multiple audios and videos, and then insert the files right into their notes. The strong multimedia features are also expected to be a big plus for business professionals that need to attend meetings on a regular basis. NoteLedge takes care of what a recording pen could offer and provide more surprises beyond a recording pen could to its users.

Building upon the success of Kdan’s PDF Reader series, NoteLedge incorporates the PDF technology and allows users to save work in either JPG or PDF formats. “We want to let more users realize what Kdan Mobile can help them achieve. Our corporate motto is to create an ubiquitous mobile computing environment that makes people’s lives easier. By including our best feature from the PDF Reader series in NoteLedge, we are one step closer to our goal,” says Erwin Lin, CTO of Kdan Mobile. NoteLedge also allows you to back up notes to a wide range of cloud storage sites including DropBox, iDisk, Box.net, GoogleDocs, and FTP.

With the launch of NoteLedge, Kdan Mobile has become known as a developer dedicated to provide business and productivity mobile applications. According to the leadership, Kdan Mobile has built a product pipeline that will continue the success in the business area.

About Kdan Mobile Software

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How To Highlight Text In Pdf Files?

When you are reading a PDF document, for whatever reason, you may want to highlight text just as you would in a hard-copy file. And it is easy for you to do this by tons of available and free software on Mac or Win OS. The feature is one of the features that are currently available for free in commonly used program like PDF Editor or Reader. Here, with the applications, I would show how to highlight text in PDF files.

Previously, let’s divide the solutions by different platform-Mac OS and Win OS.

For Mac users:
Recently, AnyBizSoft announced its PDF Editor for Mac Beta version, which embodied many basic features and advanced functions like converting PDF to Word. Naturally, it is available for highlighting PDF text. Here is the simple tutorial.
Step 1: Open your PDF files by AnyBizSoft PDF Editor for Mac. Previously, you need to make sure that the software has been installed on your Mac OS X. Step 2: Click the Highlight icon shows below and use this mark words or sentences you want in your PDF documents. You can apply a highlight color to specific selected text.

Note: if you want to remove the highlighting, just repeat the steps above to select text, and press Backspace on keyboard to remove. There are some other available applications on Mac OS including Preview, Adobe Acrobat.  
For Win users:
There are many free PDF readers for Windows users, which all embody the function of highlighting PDF text. And the operation is similar like we do on Mac OS X. Sometimes, the function is named as Markup, annotate, or highlight. Anyway, it is easy.

The mostly used PDF readers with the function include Adobe Reader, Foxit PDF Reader, Nuance PDF Reader and PDF X-change Viewer. Any one of them can make highlighting PDF text realized. You can choose one of them to have a try. All of them are free.

Article source:How to Highlight Text in PDF Files?