Startup Company VEYES Reinvents Flip-up Sunglasses for Sports Activities

Indianapolis, Indiana (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

Veyes LLC today announces the launch of its innovative line of flip-up sunglasses on the popular crowdfunding website

“Millions of Americans wear sunglasses, or other protective eyewear, together with a hat during sports activities such as golf, baseball, running, target shooting and fishing. The problem is that traditional sunglasses are uncomfortable and inconvenient when worn together with a hat. Veyes takes the age-old concept of flip-up sunglasses and combines it with a hat in a uniquely modern way, offering a solution with unsurpassed comfort and convenience during sports activities”, says company founder Mark Repko.

The patent-pending Veyes design eliminates the temple bars associated with traditional sunglasses and attaches the lens directly to the underside of a hat visor. The Veyes frame then allows the wearer to pivot the lens between an operative position in front of the wearer’s eyes and an inoperative position in which the lens is held securely above the visor and out of the wearer’s field of vision.

Veyes will initially launch with five lens options, including dark gray polarized, yellow tint, blue tint, clear and a multi-colored mirrored lens. All lenses are made of polycarbonate and include UV400 protection.

“We are super excited to launch Veyes on Kickstarter”, says Repko. “The Kickstarter community has proven over time its willingness to support entrepreneurs in their endeavor to bring innovative new products to market. We think Kickstarter is the best way for us to find our first customers and raise the funding necessary to complete our project.”

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Into Enterprises Is The Development Of The Publishing Industry To Achieve The Fundamental Way

Currently, 85 universities publishing unit of work completed or will complete system, accounting for 83% of university publishing, the central Party and government departments have been publishing program of restructuring the central approval of the reorganization, restructuring work has started, where more than 70 publishers to achieve transfer

Into enterprises, 246 of books, newspapers and thousands of operating as an independent market players. Publishing company formed Group of 24, 30 provincial Xinhua Bookstore system transfer enterprises. But the current, as well as part of the publishing business and enterprise, regardless of institutional, business and industry, regardless of the mechanism, called the industry’s only truly implemented enterprise systems in the printing industry and distribution industry copy (nationwide Xinhua bookstores Some also practice business systems). As the upper reaches of the publishing industry, the traditional publishing industry, apart from a few to complete the whole into enterprises, the system is basically still in business, but also drifted away from industries, can not form a true sense of the types of industry, directly affecting the publishing industry to industrialization development.

Institutional barriers restricting industrial development Publishing units from the current situation, institutional issues affecting the industrialization of China’s publishing industry to the development of the main problems are:

1. Published by the government as a business structure and subordinate series, publishers do not only have to do business enterprise, there are institutional and enterprise, regardless of cause, mechanism, regardless of cause and industry, representing both government run enterprises do business are also determines the publishers can not do without government policy support and financial security, can not enter the market independently. Shown in Management Way, the present publishers are basically in charge of government departments, under the management of the organizers to work and can not independently perform the main function of the market. In the mode of operation, the publishing unit by government policy and funding support as well as teaching materials and supplementary markets more dependent monopoly to survive. At present, various publishers from publishing profits constitute a simple point of view, teaching materials and supplementary ratio of about 80% of the profits, the system issued class publications and a book at their own expense about 10%, about 10% of the book market. The first two projects are policy management, policy and government support by a long time, only the latter belongs to the market operations. It is not difficult to see that publishers market the economic composition of components is not high, the market features a serious lack of policy support to the government and the dependence is still very serious.

2. The cause of the nature of publishing units, a direct result of the publishing unit of economic nature and the economy was difficult to clearly defined, determine the property rights system is not clear, affected the industrial development as a necessary economic performance of enterprises within the law and market economy play, the decision units in the industry and the publishing industry, the lack of industrial development necessary for the functioning of the intrinsic value of demand and market conditions. Currently, the main problem facing the publishing industry should say it is not no market, but the lack of exploration and operation of market forces, lack of market operation. The publishing unit is precisely the cause of market-oriented system of the main shackles. Subjective, the cause of the protection system, causing loss of function publishing unit of market players, a lack of independent management, market operations, and heavy and so accustomed to the planned economy period, depending on, way of thinking. Objective, resulting in a lack of innovation, scientific development of an effective mechanism. Operation, relying on local governments have been published in the protection policy and the cause of the funds under the system of support, dependent on industry monopoly and the local publication and distribution markets, especially teaching materials and supplementary share.

3. Publishing units and enterprises, regardless of cause, is not conducive to the publishing industry from a business model to the industry type, the traditional base type to open by leaps and bounds. For quite a period of time, regardless of the publishing industry is competing with the new media industry, and peer competition in the industry, are not just the content of competition, technological means of competition, but more focused on publishing the contents of the form diversity and the diversity of publishing aspects of competition, new competition in the publishing business model, operational model of economic competition. Only the contents of the publishing industry to innovation, innovative forms, innovation vector, innovative tools, innovative development model, expanding publishing industry chain, to blaze a new path of development is more suitable for publication.

Owners must firmly grasp the publication of dominance position

Should be noted that the traditional publishing industry, although there are some defects in systems and mechanisms, but as a party and the country’s main front in the ideological field, the traditional media with new media publishing industry do not have a significant advantage. Shown in the following areas:

Rich information published resources. One theory has published formal qualification, is the core value system of Marxist propaganda, publicity of Deng Xiaoping Theory, “Three Represents” and the scientific development concept and theory of scientific socialism, the main positions. Second is to have principles and policies of the party and state propaganda, in the ideological field of social thought in the unique position to lead, and formal qualifications. To publicize the party and the state line, principles and policies of the main channel. Third is the commitment of all domestic and colleges and schools teaching materials and supplementary publishing task is to implement the party and an important platform for national education policy. Fourth is to have all kinds of dictionaries and reference books published formal qualifications, is our basic cultural and publishing the main responsible person.

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About Dell Streak Review

Short Version
If Charlie the Unicorn has taught us anything it’s that the road to success is fraught with setbacks and, if you’re not careful, your best friends will cut out your kidneys. It is with these life-lessons in mind that we examine the Dell Streak, a 5-inch Android 1.6 tablet that shows much promise Dell inspiron 1520 battery but is hobbled by Android OS fracturing.


5-inch 800×480 pixel screen
3G WLAN support
Android Tablet
MSRP: $ 299 with contract, $ 549 without


Speedy processor
Upgradeable storage
3G support


Slow Android updates
A little too big
Weak battery cover

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The Dell Streak is an odd duck. While I don’t doubt that it is the future, I still have some doubts that this wee tablet with its 5-inch screen and Android kernel is exactly what the world is looking for, devices like this will soon fill the gap between smartphones and laptops Dell inspiron 1525 battery and, most important, offer powerful competition to the iPad. In short, the Streak is a good idea.

The device, when off, is a featureless black slab. When you turn it on, however, three buttons light up on the right edge and the screen really shines. The 800×480 resolution is quite good Dell latitude d620 battery and there is plenty of room for almost every Android UI element.

The device has Wi-Fi and a 3G modem as well as a 5 megapixel camera and replaceable microSD memory. The Streak is a little bit heavy and the Dell inspiron 1720 battery is hidden behind a large removable panel that, if you’re not careful, can pop off accidentally.

The Streak doesn’t know what it wants to be. If you install the Kindle app, it’s an ereader. If you turn on Google Maps it’s a GPS unit. If you play a video that you’ve copied over via side-loading, it’s a media machine. Finally, if you tap the phone button, you’ve basically got a comically large cellphone. These multiple personalities are, in reality, quite a bit of fun and it’s exciting to see the Jack of All Trades come back into the technology space.

The Good
The Streak is running a 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, making it one of the fastest tablets I’ve seen. You can get quite a bit done on this hunk of computing Dell inspiron 6400 battery power including some minor text editing. However, unlike the iPad, it’s a bit too small for real word processing or spreadsheet editing.

laptop battery

3 Reasons for Marketers to Avoid Automated SEO Unpacked in Latest Article from Fannit

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

Because successful SEO requires vast amounts of time, energy, and analysis, it’s no surprise that automated SEO softwares have been developed as an effort to simplify the process. Unfortunately, according to Fannit, the results these softwares produce are far less than beneficial for businesses and marketers.

In their latest article, Fannit unpacks 3 reasons why businesses should avoid automated SEO systems and pursue long-term solutions and benefits in their place.

Fannit begins the article by defining what good SEO really is. The article states that, “SEO is essentially a tool that enables searchers to find content online that is educational, interesting, and helpful. Good SEO takes people to good content.”

What automated SEO programs fail to do is produce well constructed, articulate content full of high-ranking keywords. Fannit says that, “Instead of having content developers that intentionally create tailored and effective content, SEO software spits out vast amounts of content with low-value keywords and inferior backlinks.”

This poorly developed content has 3 significant impacts on a business’ SEO rankings and internet presence. The first impact of this software is that it creates spammy, unhelpful content that damages the appearance of the business’s brand. The article states that an additional threat is that “…these spammy articles and links can also put you at risk of being penalized by Google.”

How are businesses to avoid these problems? Fannit states in the article that the solution is for businesses to, “Develop a solid inbound marketing strategy and go for real, honest, content development and SEO.”

Fannit is an inbound marketing agency that helps businesses construct unique and powerful inbound marketing strategies that attract clientele with helpful content and intentional SEO. For more information, visit their website at

About Fannit is a full service internet marketing agency that helps companies increase their online presence through engaging and well placed content. They service Seattle area and U.S. based companies for content development, SEO, PPC, E-mail, Press Release, and Website Funnel Optimization.


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Everett WA 98201


New App for Texas Health Inspectors Trial Software is Released

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

Inspect2GOTX is a demonstration application for environmental and consumer health inspectors. The software can be downloaded from Apple’s app store, without charge, for use on iPad. Give it a test run by visiting this web page ( and clicking to the app store link. The app is “Native”, residing on the iPad, and functions without the need for internet connectivity.    

The company also offers Windows (Surface Pro, etc.) and Android (Samsung Galaxy, etc.) health inspection software. However, the free trial is only for iPad. The trial generates a PDF for each report directly from the iPad. Inspect2GOTX does not include Inspect2GO’s more advanced functions, such as the cloud database or web-based inspection management portal.


    Consumer Health
    Environmental Inspection For Child Care Facilities
    Temporary Food Service Inspection Report
    Retail Establishment Inspection Report
    Retail Establishment Inspection Report Page Two


Inspect2GOTX is for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY, and is NOT to be used for actual health inspections. Prior to using Inspect2GOTX, see legal disclaimer ( For an application tailored to your health department needs, contact Inspect2GO directly.

About Inspect2GO

Inspect2GO, Inc., ( offers environmental health inspection software to municipalities nationwide. Inspect2GO’s comprehensive software solution consists of 3 components; mobile app, cloud database and web-based office software. Restaurant inspection and other environmental health (EH) audits are performed via the mobile application. The “native” mobile app functions on an iPad, Android tablet or Windows mobile device without an internet connection. The mobile app then syncs with Inspect2GO’s cloud database (or the customer’s server). Web-based office software is used to manage the process. Users can schedule inspections, view facility history, reference health codes, print permits, search and generate custom reports all within one comprehensive software package. Inspect2GO tailors its software to meet the unique regulatory needs of each municipality.